Hidden Corrosion – Be Aware, Be Safe

Hidden Corrosion - Be Aware, Be Safe

Structural steel posts are often set directly into the ground, often encased in concrete piers below ground level.

Exposed steel posts can be painted and appear to be well maintained.

But steel work buried below ground level is very often unprotected, and the concealed steel will rust out rapidly.

Three steel posts shown here support a large span roof over a public drive-through area.

A minor vehicle impact on the centre post has completely sheared the post from its foundation - the steel post below ground level has corroded almost completely.

The condition of the remaining two posts will be exactly the same.

The result is that this is a highly unstable structure: it has no hold-down strength if the roof was lifted off in a severe wind storm; and one more minor bump from a car onto an end post could bring the whole roof down!

If you have a building structure with steel posts, ensure the safety and integrity of your building.

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Be Aware, and guarantee the safety and security of your building assets.