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The Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland has just released a media release concerning a roof collapse at a Queensland school.
Workplace Health and Safety Queensland has also published an alert:
In September 2017 a large tiled roof at a Queensland school collapsed and fell to the floor. It is understood the collapse occurred suddenly and without warning. Fortunately it happened during the evening and the building was not occupied.
The roof covered an area of approximately 600 square metres and included a number of timber trusses spanning 19 metres between outside walls.
There were no strong winds at the time of the collapse, it was not raining and it appears the roof collapsed under its own weight.
It is understood that that were no obvious signs of degradation or damage prior to the collapse.
Collapse of roof structures can occur with any design, however this incident highlights a greater potential for risk on roofs with large spans without intermediate support. On these roofs progressive and complete failure can occur when a single truss or its support fails.
Periodical inspection of buildings should be a continuing process for the life of a building. The interval between these inspections should be determined by a competent person and will vary depending upon factors such as the building’s history, its design, its location and its susceptibility to deterioration. For example, the building may have been subject to movement from reactionary soils, attack from termites, or previous works that may have been carried out.

Inspection and assessment of structural assets is a specialist service provided by STEELE CONSULTING.

This service ensures continuing structural integrity of your building investments, and more importantly, the safety of those occupying your buildings.

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