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Our Business is the Integrity of Structures

Structural Engineering

Analysis and Design of Complex Structures

Realise Opportunities

Modular Pre-Assembly

Engineering Analysis:

Integrity and performance under Static Load
Dynamic response to time-varying forces
FEA modelling and analysis

Proof-of-Concept Designs

Existing Structures:

Structural Assessment
Modifications / Upgrades

Large Span Structures

Resolve Difficulties

Fabrication / Assembly Problems

Compliance Verification

Damage Assessment / Repairs:

Corrosion / Impact
Buckling Collapse / Overload Failure

Off-Shore Steel Validation:

Materials / Workmanship

Structures in Operation:

Vibration Damage
Connection Failures

Complex Connection Details

Structural Certification

Failed Steel Structural Elements

Cheaper to Repair or Replace?
How to ensure this doesn't happen on Your Project?