Our Business is the Future of Your Built Environment

Who We Are

We are a specialist engineering consulting business, operating in Civil and Structural disciplines.  We have broad experience on a range of engineering projects, both in Australia and globally. Project types include: residential and commercial; heavy industrial; mining and resources; energy.

What We Do

We provide advice to our Clients  on achieving desired outcomes from Your construction project: quality and risk in front-end engineering design; selection of a builder / constructor able to deliver your Project; and dispute resolution and expert opinion in the event of contractual disputes.

Your Construction Project will have three Distinct Phases:

For each Phase, you will find that we can provide critical advisory guidance toward achieving the Project outcomes your require.

PHASE 1: Design

In the First Phase, you will need to consider whether your Project complies with design code requirements, and whether it is technically feasible to build. You must also understand the risks which are built in to the project design.
Our PROJECT ADVISORY service provides in-depth analysis of your Project’s Compliance and Risk profiles, and its technical feasibility.

PHASE 2: Construction

The Second Phase of your Project is construction. You will need to engage a building / construction contractor who is experienced in the type of Project you are developing, and who is registered to carry out this type of work. You may plan to engage closely with the Building Contractor as work progresses, or your preference may be that the Contractor takes full control of the Project and requires a minimum of input from you. Whatever your preference, you will expect a high quality project to be delivered.
Our BUILDER ADVISORY service provides a detailed Builder analysis which can assist you in Contractor selection.

PHASE 3: Disputes

The Third Phase of your Project becomes active when disagreements arise between yourself and your Builder. The construction contract which has been agreed between yourself and the Contractor should have clearly defined steps for resolution of disputes. These steps should probably include for an independent third party arbitrator to rule on the disputed contract terms. Alternatively, a decision may require a court hearing. In either case, you will probably require the services of a skilled technical expert to provide a convincing expert opinion to an arbitrator or to a court judge.
Our EXPERT ADVISORY service provides highly experienced technical experts to present your position.