Our Business is the Future of Your Built Environment


Who We Are

We offer a specialist Engineering Advisory Service, operating in Civil and Structural disciplines.  We have broad experience on a range of engineering projects, both in Australia and globally. Project types include:
* heavy industrial;
* mining and resources;
* marine
* residential and commercial.

What We Do

We help you understand and manage RISK.
We provide advice to you  on achieving and maintaining the value of your investments in the built environment:
* Project Compliance: Technical components; Legal framework.
* Structural Integrity: Assessment; Remediation.
* Expert Witness: Reporting; Dispute hearings – arbitration, litigation.
Global research has identified thirteen RISK FACTORS common to all construction disputes.
The most prevalent of these are: Communication and Expectation

Your Infrastructure Investment will have three RISK Profiles:






  Technical compliance:

     structural design codes

     specifications compliance

     materials and metallurgy

  Legal framework:

     Compliance with Contract terms

     Specifications compliance


     Impacts on and to the Project


     Risk profiling for

         Compliance and

          Environmental factors

Structural Integrity

Buildings and structures should be designed and built to suit their purpose. Otherwise, they will be damaged. Buildings and structures are all affected by their environment. Without care and maintenance they will suffer damage.
In each case, structural integrity is compromised.
Structural integrity failure can be global:
* building vibration failure
* floor system collapse
* extensive ‘concrete cancer’
* corrosion and storm damage to marine structures
* failure to support process plant operations
…or it can be elemental:
* local buckling failure of steel beams
* weld connection failure
* lamellar tearing of heavy steel joints;
* local foundation subsidence;
Inspection and assessment of your buildings and structures has two advantages for you:
1. reduces maintenance and repair costs, while increasing long term return on investment;
2. improves risk profiles, which reduces insurance and legal costs.

Expert Opinion

Disagreements often arise between the parties to a construction contract.
The construction contract which has been agreed between the Parties should have clearly defined steps for resolution of disputes.
These steps should probably include for an independent third party arbitrator to rule on the disputed contract terms.
Alternatively, a decision may require a court hearing.
In either case, you will benefit from the services of a skilled technical expert to provide independent expert opinion to an arbitrator or to a court judge.